Hitnet brings information and services to the hardest-to-reach people in the world.

Our Hitnet Community Hubs with WiFi hotspots enable people to connect to online services and access culturally appropriate health and social information.

For marginalised communities, we are a one-stop digital shop.

Hitnet’s platform in Australia includes approximately 50 Hitnet Community Hubs in urban, regional and remote communities.

The Hubs are located in health clinics, hospitals, schools, libraries and youth detention centres. Each Hub is used on average 1,000 times per year, and each “use” represents a purposeful interactive session – not just passive viewing of a screen. Further, to broaden the reach, the content is distributed via the web and downloadable, offline capable web apps to mobile devices.

Read our 2017 Annual Highlights Report.

Our Team

Julie Gibson

Tom Dick

Jimmy Olsen

Jeet Parikh

Sam Pulford

Our Advisory Board

Cameron Neil

Colette McInerney

Nickeema Williams

Ian Paterson

Ange Ferguson

Our Co-founders

Helen Travers

Dr. Ernest Hunter

D_BCorp_logo_NEG Hitnet is a proud B Corporation.

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