Hitnet brings information and services to the hardest-to-reach people in the world

Hitnet brings information and services to the hardest to reach people in the world.


Our vision


Around the world, more than 52% of people are digitally excluded. In Australia, 2.5 million people don’t have access to the Internet. This ‘digital divide’ may be becoming narrower, however it is becoming deeper, and the impact of this on marginalised people is profound.


“Our vision is to build vibrant, healthy and digitally capable communities, engaged in the digital economy all over the world.”

— Julie Gibson, Hitnet Founder


As governments and corporates are digitally transforming their services, Hitnet breaks down barriers to provide connection, access and information to the over 4 million Australians who struggle to benefit from the online world.


Accessible knowledge. Transforming lives.

Our work has a clear focus on digitally excluded and marginalised communities around the world. Hitnet’s digital platform is co-designed with the communities we’re located in.


How we do it


Our Hitnet Community Hubs with Wifi hotspots enable people to connect to online services and access interactive health, social and cultural information. We are a one-stop digital shop for the hardest-to-reach.


Community Hubs

Our touchscreen Hubs, both indoor and outdoor, help people to connect, be informed and engaged with the digital economy through curated and frequently updated content.


Co-created Content

We know that there is a difference between simply providing access to content and actually making content accessible. This is why we work with our clients and communities to co-create the content.


Community WiFi

Hitnet Wi-Fi Hotspots enable the digital ecosystem around the Hitnet Hubs and act as an on-ramp to the digital world. Free for mobile phone users, they guide inexperienced users to curated websites and apps.


who we work with