Hitnet brings information and services to the hardest-to-reach people in the world.

Our Hitnet Community Hubs with WiFi hotspots enable people to connect to online services and access culturally appropriate health and social information.

For marginalised communities, we are a one-stop digital shop.

Hitnet’s platform in Australia includes approximately 50 Hitnet Community Hubs in urban, regional and remote communities.

The Hubs are located in health clinics, hospitals, schools, libraries and youth detention centres. Each Hub is used on average 1,000 times per year, and each “use” represents a purposeful interactive session – not just passive viewing of a screen. Further, to broaden the reach, the content is distributed via the web and downloadable, offline capable web apps to mobile devices.

Read our 2017 Annual Highlights Report.

Our Team

Julie Gibson

Julie worked in the corporate IT sector for 15 years before she joined Hitnet, where she has commited to finding engaging ways to use technology to help bridge the ‘digital divide’ and eradicate information disadvantage. Julie’s focus is on Hitnet’s transition to a sustainable social enterprise. She has stewarded Hitnet’s transition from a 10-year university research program to an independent social enterprise. Under her leadership Hitnet became one of the first ‘B Corporations’ in Australia. Julie has a Masters in Business & Technology from UNSW (AGSM).

Tom Dick

Tom is a media producer and business development specialist with experience throughout the Asia Pacific region, working with communities to tell their stories in ways that are meaningful and accessible. He has produced three documentary films with communities in Vanuatu and one with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language workers in Australia. Tom has recently joined the Hitnet team as Digital Content Manager and will be expanding and extending storyworlds across the Hitnet digital platform.

Nickeema Williams

As Hitnet’s Community Connector, Nickeema liaises with communities on the network to find out what content is most useful to them. She helps to source and trial a variety of contemporary cultural content from across communities, and localises the videos, music clips and photographs for sharing on the Hitnet Community Hub. Nickeema loves working with her creative talents to directly address the issues facing Indigenous people. Her goal is to empower people to take creative ownership of their lives and to find solutions to their own obstacles, with the support of organisations like Hitnet.

Jeet Parikh

Jeet recently completed his Master of Information Technology at Swinburne University and has been a great asset to Hitnet throughout 2017. He brings strong skills in Javascript and HTML5 development to Hitnet and has played a key role in taking our content modules from the old Flash technology, to HTML5.

Nathan Dick

As our resident Project Co-ordinator, Nathan links and organises different video stories as they come in from our Remote Indigenous Media Organisations, our Hitnet Hub communities, and other amazing video producers from across the country.  He then updates the various interactive modules and ensures that the content displayed on the Hitnet platform remains fresh and current.  His project management skills are paramount for this important behind-the-scenes role.

Our Executive

Helen Travers

Helen has worked in Indigenous Population Health interventions for 15 years, managing projects across Aboriginal community-controlled, government and academic sectors to address priority health issues. Following post-graduate studies in Primary Health Care in 2001, within the university research program, Helen evaluated the initial Hitnet pilot project with positive results.

Cameron Burgess

Cameron is an international strategist, speaker, facilitator and mentor with more than twenty years experience founding, catalysing and commercialising world-positive ventures. Cameron has been with Hitnet since 2012 and came to us as our first Strategic Advisor and Board Member. He has been instrumental in helping Hitnet to set our vision and parameters for the future.

Dr. Ernest Hunter

Dr Ernest Hunter trained in psychiatry and public health in the United States, before returning to work in remote Indigenous Australia in the late 1980s. He has spent most of the last 25 years engaged in research and clinical care in northern Australia, and for the last 18 years as a Regional Psychiatrist, covering remote communities in Cape York. He initiated the introduction of health touchscreen technology to improve Indigenous health literacy in Queensland in 2001. Dr Hunter provides much-valued consultancy and support to Hitnet.

D_BCorp_logo_NEG Hitnet is a proud B Corporation.

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