Our Impact

Hitnet now has over 70 Community Hubs in operation with almost 70,000 purposeful uses a year with an average of 900 uses for each Hub. Around 60 to 65% of users identified as being either a teenager or a child, with a relatively even split between male and female users.

Our Community Impact

Profile of a Hitnet Hub:
Yura Yungi Health Service

A Hitnet Hub has been in use at this remote site in northern Western Australia for over six years. Although the Hitnet Hub is now coming to the end of its life, the Hub has been serviced and maintained by Hitnet over the past six years to ensure it is available for use. The following usage statistics support that it continues to have good engagement in this community, particularly with the introduction of the ‘My Place’ module in 2015.

My Place modules on Hitnet Hubs
We’re committed to fostering a greater sense of community ownership by empowering people to develop their own personalised content. We were delighted to appoint Nickeema Williams, a talented artist and young Murri woman, as our Hitnet Community Liaison Officer. Nickeema has a gift for working with young people, connecting communities and bringing local content to life via the My Place modules being launched across the network. We couldn’t have done this without the assistance of volunteer, Damala Scales Ghosh who set up the systems and procedures to manage our archiving and work flows. The ‘My Place’ modules contain local community videos (up to 12) and were introduced onto the Hitnet Hubs in June 2015. Below is a sample of sites showing how they are attracting the community to use the Hubs for further engagement