Our Impact

Hitnet now has over 70 Community Hubs in operation with almost 70,000 purposeful uses a year with an average of 900 uses for each Hub. Around 60 to 65% of users identified as being either a teenager or a child, with a relatively even split between male and female users.

Our Community Reach and Impact

Our Hitnet Hubs are installed in all parts of Australia. From some of the country’s most remote communities, to metropolitan locations, to islands in the Torres Strait, we aim to reach any communities that are seeking greater access to knowledge and technology. Below you’ll find information of a site from each of our Hub locations; Remote, Regional and Urban.

Remote: Woorabinda, QLD

Woorabinda is located in Central Queensland, 170km South West of Rockhampton and sits on the land of the Wadja Wadja and Yungulu people. Woorabinda has a population of just under 1000 people. Their Hitnet Hub was installed in Woorabinda Hospital in December 2016 and has been one of our most used Hubs across the Hitnet network. The Woorabinda community are incredibly active in the use of their ‘My Place’ module, a module where local communities can upload their own content to the Hitnet network.

Regional: Broome, WA

Broome is located in the far north-west of Australia and sits on the land of the Yawuru people. Broome has a population of just over 17,000 people. The Broome Hitnet Hub is one of our original sites, installed in 2009 in the Broome Regional Aboriginal Medical Service. The local community in Broome view the Young Parenting and ‘The Diabetes Story’ modules the most, along with ‘Kaiyai Girl’, a sexual health information module that was created and produced in Broome in 2008 by the WA government.

Urban: Brisbane Youth Detention Centre, QLD

The Brisbane Youth Detention Centre is located in the suburb of Wacol, approximately 20 km south-west of central Brisbane, on the land of the Yuggera people. However, due to the nature of this facility, there are young people from communities all around Queensland. This Hub was installed and launched in NAIDOC week, September 2016. The purpose of the Hub is to help the young people connect with the broader community, and especially to their home communities in rural and remote areas of Queensland where the ‘My Place’ modules are used and local content uploaded.

Offshore: Saibai Island, Torres Strait

When the tides are low at Saibai Island, you can walk across the sand just four kilometres to Papua New Guinea. The island, which sits on native Saibai land, has a population of just 465 people (2016), of which almost 90% identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. As such a culturally rich site, it made sense for a Hitnet Hub to be installed at the Saibai Island Primary Health Care Centre in June 2017. So far, the Hub has been most popular amongst teenagers and kids on the island.

Who is using the Hitnet Hubs?

By Age:

We love seeing that Children and Teenagers get the most out of our Hubs. As our future generations and future leaders, they are the most important groups to reach with educational and cultural content. Additionally, with many native languages now threatened with extinction, we hope the Hitnet Hub provides a new platform for cultural engagement and expression.

By Gender:

Men and Women are fairly even in their usage of the Hitnet Hubs across the nation. However we also have locations that are made up entirely of men, namely our three prison sites.

By Location:

Majority of the Hitnet Hub sites are in Remote locations. Our Urban presence has grown over recent years with new Hub sites popping up throughout metropolitan courts, hospitals and prisons. We also are looking forward to expanding our reach in our offshore region in the Torres Strait.

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