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Who we are


Hitnet is an innovative Australian ‘Communication for Development’ company that produces rich learning media with and for those living on the wrong side of the digital divide – populations marginalised by culture, technology, socio-economic disadvantage and distance.

What we do


Hitnet empowers marginalised communities by co-creating culturally rich information and delivering it across an integrated digital platform.

We address the tough stuff – chronic health and social issues like diabetes, smoking, STIs, teenage pregnancy and suicide. We tackle serious issues in an engaging, culturally appropriate way.

With a national network of touchscreen kiosks in some of Australia’s remotest areas, Hitnet has created a unique digital interface that reaches out to individuals across ‘the last mile’. We now reach the phones in their pockets too!

This is where we are now…


And this is where we want to be…


Our vision is to build vibrant, healthy and digitally savvy communities engaged in the digital economy, all over the world.  By 2020, we aim to be improving the lives of 500,000 people daily.


We’re also expanding into the Asia Pacific …

Testimonials from community users of the kiosks

Our Values


Our Values

Our values guide each and every business decision, and the organisations and people we choose to partner with, as we work together to fulfill our purpose. We are…


Open-hearted and open-minded.

Whether we’re working in a community or with one of our many partners, we approach all our interactions with an open-heart and an open-mind. We’re generous with our knowledge, ideas and connections, as our partners are with us.


Playful yet serious.

What we do is serious, and we take it seriously, but we also know how to have fun. The stories and information we share through our community hubs tackle serious problems with a playful approach, and that’s why they leave their mark.


Passionately inventive.

We’re wildly creative and inventive and we’re always searching for new ways to advance learning. When traditional and cultural knowledge take their rightful place alongside innovative learning, literacy improves and our work transforms lives.


Technologists at heart.

While technology is the backbone of our business, it’s also the key to unlocking the digital divide and to creatively engaging the next generation. Our community hubs are at the epicenter of interaction and connection allowing us to spread the information that really matters to the remotest corners.


Committed to co-creation.

We don’t hold all the answers to the most challenging social problems. That’s why we’re dedicated to co-creating knowledge in each and every community in need. Together we identify the problems, and together we create the solutions.

Testimonials from community users of the kiosks

Our Impact

Hitnet now has over 70 Community Hubs in operation with almost 70,000 purposeful uses a year with an average of 900 uses for each Hub. Around 60 to 65% of users identified as being either a teenager or a child, with a relatively even split between male and female users.

Here are the top 5 hits!



Testimonials from Clients & Stakeholders

Our Team


Julie Gibson

Julie worked in the corporate IT sector for 15 years before she joined Hitnet, where she has commited to finding engaging ways to use technology to help bridge the ‘digital divide’ and eradicate information disadvantage. Julie’s focus is on Hitnet’s transition to a sustainable social enterprise. She has stewarded Hitnet’s transition from a 10-year university research program to an independent social enterprise. Under her leadership Hitnet became one of the first ‘B Corporations’ in Australia. Julie has a Masters in Business & Technology from UNSW (AGSM).

Helen Travers

Helen has worked in Indigenous Population Health interventions for 15 years, managing projects across Aboriginal community-controlled, government and academic sectors to address priority health issues. Following post graduate studies in Primary Health Care in 2001, within the university research program Helen evaluated the initial Hitnet pilot project with positive results. As a director of Hitnet, the independent social enterprise, Helen’s focus is on providing the creative input to Hitnet’s community productions and interactive content development.

Dr. Ernest Hunter

Dr Ernest Hunter is an Australian medical graduate who trained in psychiatry (adult, child and cross cultural) and public health in the United States, returning to work in remote Indigenous Australia in the late 1980s. He has spent most of the last 25 years engaged in research and clinical care in northern Australia, for the last 18 years as Regional Psychiatrist covering remote communities in Cape York. He initiated the introduction of health touchscreen technology to improve Indigenous health literacy in Queensland in 2001. Dr Hunter provides much-valued consultancy and support to Hitnet Innovations.

Nickeema Williams

As Hitnet’s Community Connector, Nickeema liaises with communities on the network to find out what content is most useful to them. She helps to source and trial a variety of contemporary cultural content from across communities, and localises the videos, music clips and photographs for sharing on the Hitnet Community Hub.She loves working with her creative talents to directly address the issues facing Indigenous people. Her goal is to empower people to take creative ownership of their lives and to find solutions to their own problems, with the support of organisations like Hitnet.

Tom Dick

Tom is a media producer and business development specialist with experience throughout the Asia Pacific region, working with communities to tell their stories in ways that are meaningful and accessible. He has produced three documentary films with communities in Vanuatu and one with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language workers in Australia. Tom has recently joined the Hitnet team as Digital Content Manager and will be expanding and extending storyworlds across the Hitnet digital platform.

Some of our work

The Diabetes Story

Education and motivation are the keys to improving self-management of diabetes. The Diabetes Story was produced in partnership with Diabetes Queensland.

Our aim was to turn the complicated story that is diabetes from medical speak into every-day people speak – to co-create a new story that people will be open to hearing and sharing and taking action on.

The Diabetes Story App

We needed to expand access to this important information by producing an App version of the story, enabling it to reach a wider audience through mobile phones and tablets – one that would put self-management into the hands of patients and their carers.

The Court Network – Melbourne

The Court Network is the only court-based service explicitly and solely concerned with the needs of court users. When learning of Hitnet’s digital information services, its Executive Director said, ‘The Board and I were captivated by the idea of finding a way to reach more court users than our volunteers could possibly support’.

The Hitnet Hub has been purpose built for court users, with content that is specifically for new arrivals to Australia, as well as youth who are dealing with the law for the first time.

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Hitnet is a proud member of B Corporation.

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