2017 so far: new Hub Sites, Projects & More

2017 is flying by and we have a lot to share

2017 is looking to be our biggest year yet. We’re announcing more new hub sites around the country, have exciting new partnerships that are about to flourish, and have some innovative, new app developments. All working towards our mission to co-create a platform for knowledge exchange, that transforms lives. Read on to discover our new stories, and thanks again for your ongoing support.                                                                                              Julie, Helen & Tom

Our 2016 Impact Report & Five Year Strategic Plan have arrived!

If you’ve been following Hitnet’s journey, you’ll be familiar with our annual Impact Reports, which tell our important stories from the year and measure our social impact. Check out the 2016 Impact Report here.

Taking things one step further, 2021 will be here before we know it. We’re planning ahead in order to maximise our reach and impact over the next five years. Check out our Five Year Strategic Plan here.

More new Hub Sites for Communities Across the Country…

Every year we learn more and more about how Hitnet Hubs are impacting peoples lives, so for us, every new Hub site is a new opportunity for development and growth in communities.

We’re pleased to have four new sites opening in Bamaga, Melbourne, Ngukurr, and the Cleveland Youth Detention Centre in Townsville. We are also continuing to upgrade Hubs across our network. We’ve recently replaced the Halls Creek, Lockhart River, Pormpuraaw and Thursday Island Hubs, to keep them up to date with Hitnet’s latest content and technology.

Hitnet is working with Ngukurr News, the Ethos Global Foundation, and the University of Woolongong to provide the Ngukurr community with access to free wireless internet, as well as online tools connecting residents with information from health and education providers. We are planning a launch event in the Ngukurr community in August where the local radio station, TEABBA, will coordinate a range of activities including an outside broadcast, local interviews and workshops. This is a really innovative partnership involving local community groups, national NGOs, media and telecommunications partners, and research organisations. We hope that this cross-sectoral approach will improve the impact of the work that we all do and create more opportunities for the people of Ngukurr.

Continuing to Develop our Relationships in SE Asia…

We were excited to be back in Laos in May, meeting with talented developers, consultants and leaders that are looking at new ways to use technology for health advancement in their communities. We reconnected with the awesome Lao Youth Union (Top Left), BlueGrass Design Group and TVS, to discuss future partnerships. The capacity for technological and community development in Laos is huge, we’re really looking forward to our future connections and projects there.

Creating Change in New Areas…

This year we were approached by the creators of mAdapt, a new app that will help refugees and newly arrived migrants access vital health information. Working with mAdapt in an advisory capacity, we’re excited to see how the app will change the lives of some of the most disadvantaged people in our communities. mAdapt will be launching later in the year. Keep your eyes peeled for this game-changing app.

Yirara TV – Amplifying the Voices of Young Indigenous Producers

We are really excited to be partnering with Yirara College in Alice Springs to promote the work of the freshest young producers in the country. Yirara College of the Finke River Mission is a boarding school for Indigenous students twelve years and older from remote communities in the Northern Territory and across the Territory border from South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland. This year, Yirara has launched its new Media Elective, set up by award-winning broadcaster Charmaine Ingram, from ABC Open.

We’ll be setting up a dedicated Yirara TV channel to share key information and media produced by the Yirara media students – especially the weekly Yirara TV Bulletins. By promoting Yirara TV Bulletins across the network of Hitnet Hubs, the partnership will increase accessibility to positive messaging in Indigenous communities; improve digital and health literacy, and connect communities, especially Yirara students and their families.

Keep an eye out for more announcements from us, we’re excited for the next half of 2017! See you soon.

– Hitnet